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And a special thanks to all of our production people who make us great!


The Story of OnTime Promo & Apparel

At OnTime Promo & Apparel we’re passionate about three things:  Great Quality, Great Prices and On-Time delivery.  We know timing is everything.  We realize that some print shops have trouble getting your order to you when they say they will.  We strive to deliver all of our orders on-time, no matter the size.


OnTime Promo & Apparel was started in 2007 by three family members - Ben, John and Frank.  At that time the company was known as Milwaukee Custom Graphics, LLC.  Projects began to take shape in the form of signs and banners - but no job was off limits.  We turned Ben's condo into a full service print shop, taking orders and turning them around in record times.   It didn't take long before we outgrew the condo and had to move into an actual working space.  A year later we moved to the Brewers Hill area in Milwaukee and continued to grow.


After many requests and after many bad experiences with vendors we decided that we could make a mark in the screen printing world.  We purchased our first screen printing shop set-up in 2009.  It was a simple manual press and a small little dryer.  It got us going.  Again, we offered some of the most responsive service in the area.  Word grew that we were putting out good products and it wasn't long before we added a small automatic press to our arsenal.   This press is now long gone, but it helped us realize the direction we wanted to go.


In 2010 we moved our production facility to Whitewater, Wisconsin.  At the same time we expanded into the embroidery market.  We had two employees, a couple of old presses, a lot of motivation and ourselves.  Today we have some of the best equipment in the screen printing and embroidery world.  We also have a crew of over 25 people and we couldn't do it without them.


In 2015 we opened another location in Bay View, WI.  We quickly outgrew this small space.  While we loved


In January of 2020 we opened a new printing and embroidery facility in New Berlin, WI.  This facility has become our new Headquarters!


In August of 2020 we merged with Raven Services and consolidated all of our people and equipment into our one new headquarter location.  This has allowed us to provide signs, banners and awards of all kinds.  


We welcome you to stop in at the shop, or even place your order on-line.  Either way, you will get the same great service we have been offering for more than a decade.  From all of us at OnTime Promo & Apparel, we thank you for your patronage and we hope to see you again soon.

Join Our Team

We have assembled the best team possible here at OnTime Promo & Apparel.  Quality people produce quality products.  We take pride in our employees and know full well that we are nothing without them.  If you want to join us you can send your resume to

We will get back to you promptly!



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